Saturday, November 29, 2008

Swimming during weekend

As promised.. daddy did brought me for a swim at nearby lake last weekend..

And daddy did take some video shotting of me swimming, actually a lot of them till i can't decide which to put on my bloggie... anyway, below are the few.. hehehe.. enjoy..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mummy come back for the weekend..

Maybe most of you don't know that my mummy been away since last 4 months ago staying in my grandma's house.. of course with my human brother.... leaving POOOR me and daddy alone at home..

Now that my human brother already 5 months plus now.. mummy is confident enough to take care of him herself.. without the help of my grandma.. she decided to move back home.. but only for the EVERY weekend.. well, better than nothing!.. cause.. during weekdays.. mum need to work and will be back late home around 7-8pm.. and by that time, she needs to be with my grandma to take care my baby brother..

Come on.. let the baby out!!!... i wanna see him!!.. why locked him inside!!

Anyway.. am super excited to see mum coming back home every weekend.. i mean.. sleep in the house with us!!!... and get to show off my talent to my baby brother.. ahem** he loves seeing me play soccer with dad!..

By the way.. today am super excited too.. daddy promised to bring me go swimming in the lake today!!... yippee!... later!..

Hope everyone has a great week ahead..

Monday, November 10, 2008

Another sad news....

This morning, mommy read something tat is so disgrace and disrespectful to all animals especially dogs.. read on and judge for yourself.

Monday November 10, 2008 (The Star newspaper)
Dog catchers acted cruelly, alleges rescuer

INDEPENDENT stray dog rescuer Amy Foo had the shock of her life recently as she was taking a leisurely morning stroll near her home in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong.

Foo, 32, alleges that she saw a group of five men, several of them in Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) uniform, beating a dog and forcing it out through the railings of a locked gate.

“I heard a dog yelping in pain as I was taking my walk, and went to investigate what was going on.

“What I saw made my blood turn cold as several of the men had climbed over the gate into the premises of the locked empty house and were hitting a dog which had taken shelter there,” she said.

Since the gate was locked, the men proceeded to drag the medium-sized dog out through the narrow railings of the gate, she alleged.

“The railings began to graze and cut the dog in the mouth and ear region and there was a lot of blood, and the frightened dog was screaming in pain,” alleged Foo tearfully.

Foo said she approached the men who scolded her for interfering and threatened to compound her for obstructing them.

In pain: The dog with one of its ears injured after the ordeal.

“They also began to use more force on the poor dog after I had approached them,” alleged Foo, who added that she believed that the dog was not a stray as it was wearing a collar chain.

Distraught and not knowing what to do, Foo contacted several other independent dog rescuers, who immediately called Selangor executive councillor in charge of local councils Ronnie Liu, who advised them to lodge a police report.

Foo lodged a report at the Puchong police station and rushed to the MPSJ dog pound located not very far from the area.

“What I saw there only depressed me further as the dog was locked up in the pound, bleeding and in pain,’’ alleged Foo.

When contacted, MPSJ president Datuk Adnan Md Ikshan said he would look into the matter as well as speak to the relevant officers.

Meanwhile, Foo and several other independent rescuers are working towards getting the injured dog out of the MPSJ dog pound in Puchong to send it for treatment.

Said one of the rescuers, Leigh Chen, who had rushed with Foo to look for the dog at the pound after it had been brought there: “This dog has undergone a traumatic and merciless ordeal at the hands of the council dog catchers.

“Given this, it is only fair that this unfortunate dog be given a chance to live the rest of its canine life in a loving home after it has been treated for its gruesome injuries.”

Chen added that she hoped municipal council dog catchers and their appointed agents would not resort to cruelty when capturing strays.

“We, the animal rescuers, plead with those who deal with strays to do their job with a sense of compassion coupled with the realisation that animals, too, know fear and pain, just like us human beings,” added Chen.

Those interested in sponsoring the injured dog’s treatment or adopting it can write to

Monday, October 27, 2008

Have you seen Zander???


My mommy friend puppy has got lost.. and he is terribly being missed by the family, i felt bad.. so, i thought i can use my blog to post the notice out.. hope Zander can be found..

Details as below :

A 5mth old male jack russell terrier puppy with name Zander was lost in SS1 (Kg. Tunku) area since October 15th. Has a white body with brown markings on his head. Shorted-haired. To all my friends please help to put this pictures on your blogs and websites. If found please contact (012) 415-1524 or (012) 770-7490. Reward will be given for safe return of the dog.

More Pictures as below :

Monday, October 6, 2008

Updates : After long MIA

MIA = Missing in Action...

Its been more than 2 months now since i last update this blog.. so many things been happening and changes.. anyway, i do not want to elaborate much in writing but i'll show it thru my photo..

Here below are the "slide shows"..heheheh

me was sick sick, back last 2 mths ago as am straining while peeing, doc suspects i was having prostate gland infection. Then i was given a medication for 3 weeks, after 2 weeks of medication i was showing a very good sign... Am starting to pee normally..
I wanna THANK YOU all at that time for being so caring and for sending me well wishes.. i really appreciated it.. especially you my love one.. Mona for writing to me to check on my condition..

see, how happy i was, then later, mum gave me a shocking news.. she said she will needs to send me to Hercules's place for a short period of time, i don't think is a short period of time, if its short period, why do i need to be sent there... i was so sad, thinking that mum n dad do not want me anymore, tat they choose the human baby than me.. but mum n i had a great talk about it.. and i agreed...

well... i am not tat sad afterall... hehehe.. Now, i got Hercules to play with Everday, i know mum intention now.. she just dun want me to feel lonely at home knowing that she won't has the time for me... am ok with it now..

Afterall, Hercules is my best buddy and my brother.. well, he really does take care of me.. (mum : Rossi is the naughty one, he always bully Hercules, Hercules is so sweet tat everytime, he will let Rossi get what he wants even his favourite toys, balls)..

U know what.. Hercules was biting the ring first.. but i kinda snap it from him.. i like to do tat!.. heheheh.. Let it go, Herc! Is my ring anyway!..

During my away from home.. My brother Athens n Butter had a litters.. they are so cute!!!... but but.. it was sad.. cause Butter gave birth to 9 lil' cuties and ended up all 5 passed away to the rainbow bridge and left these 4 cuties pie..

Aren't they cute!.. particular this one!.. He loves to sleep like tat!.. wonder why.. showing off his teeth n tongue!..

And and mum caught herself into rescuing or rather buying this lil' pooch from a breeder's farm ... she told me that the condition at the breeder's farm is bad.. real bad.. smelly.. uh.. no words to decribe it.. anyway, we named her COFFEE.. when we brought back her, she was already had ticks fever, she hardly move, and she had to take medication for 2 weeks.. now, she is hyper! (tell u guys one secret, she is a super duper Naughty lil' girl!!...) and she is staying with my mum's aunt but she will be staying with us soon.. once mum is settle down with my human baby! Oh yes, btw, the breeder claimed that she is a mini poodle.. but we doubt it.. could be mix poodle with terrier..

Recently, mum came to visit me!.. Yay!.. Tat Hercules.. is a sissy boy!.. everytime he sees mum.. he sure attach to her... Excuse me! Herc, move aside, this is MY mum!.. ok

Hahah.... mum always love me!.. she looks fat in this picture huh.. after giving birth she is FAT!..

Mum n Dad brought 2 of us to the garden.. and we are off leash.. we RUN RUN RUN!!.. and we play chase chase chase!.. it was so much fun!.. anyway, me and Herc will get our walkies everyday and we are allow to play around the garden backyard...

Herc!.. wait for me!!..

Ok.. guys.. me busy chasing hercules now.. talk later....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hercules came to visit...

Hercules is so nice looking now compare to last time...

After for so long.. Hercules been away to a new home with his new owner.. he came to visit me last weekend.. and i was so so excited.. Hercules too, we are so happy to have meet up again!.. we played chase.. bitey face.. and i follow him whenever he goes..

Hercules n Me!.. (sorry the photo a bit shaky cause we are moving none stop, that's why daddy can't caught us in a nice picture)

Oh yes.. i wanna show you guys something....heehee...

Yes!.. yes.. Hercules poop on my yard!.. see how concentrate he was..

Oh.. i just wish he could come to visit me more often.. anyway.. mommy promise will bring me over to visit Hercules sometimes.. and even allow me to stay with Hercules over the weekend.. can't wait for that time to come!..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Me back!.. with my new baby brother

SORRY for disappearing for so long.. but first ..

Introducing my new baby brudder!!.. am EXCITED.. yes yes, am Excited when i see my baby brother arrive at home from hospital.. but evil mom n dad won't allow me to go near him.. they said he still very young and need to stay in the room for the 1st month..

My baby brother smiling!.. isn't he cute.. he started smiling on the 5th day after he was born on 2nd June 2008.

Hey, Shang Yi say HELLO to all my bloggy's friends... oh yes, btw, his name is Shang Yi.. surname Low.. so, Low Shang Yi..

This is me!.. and poor me, for time being, i am not allow to enter the house.. they complaining that am shedding and i got flea!.. and the house need to be clean for the baby.. but is ok cause am a good big brother, i shall wait till baby able to craw or walk to play with me..

oh yes, baby Shang Yi wanted to say BIG thank you to Boo, Dopey, BenBen n the gang, Goofy, Boo Boo & Bond, Girl Girl & Jay...for giving just a lovely pressie to him.. he loves it.. see picture below..

Also also... BIG thank you to Boy and Baby and Huskee too.. for sending him a lovely shirt & wrist band.. (sorry no picture, will try to get the picture soon)

Again... thank you all for sending lovely wishes to us.. its very thoughtful of you all and really appreciate it. Am grateful to have such a wonderful friends... LOVE U ALL!!...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ball out!...

I spent most of my days playing soccer with dad!..
Mum tummy is getting bigger and bigger.. and the time to meet my new brudder getting closer and closer..

am i a good catcher...heheh....

Monday, April 21, 2008

After shower...

Yesterday, we went to the lake again and i had my swim for the second time!!.. back home, dad shower, dried and combed me.. and then we had a crazy showdown.. i went excited n crazy..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My new diet

I wanna show you guys my new food.... my new diet!.. mom decided to change my not so boring kibbles (i love my kibbles actually) to raw diet.. She heard that dog that eat raw will have less problems on skin, shedding and odor. And i have been taking this new food for almost 1 month now.... Changes??.. yeah i do notice few changes...which as below:

1. I do not shed that much
2. My skin getting better... can't see any hot spot on my body nowadays..
3. I don't smell... i mean, every humans i met, they complaint that i have a stinky smell odor!
(duh!!.. as if they dun have it!!).. but now.. i dun seem to receive any complaint from them...
In fact, i heard dad whispering to mum last night saying that "Dear, Rossi nowadays doesn't
stink like last it because of the food"
4. My stools are in golden colour and soft... hehehe

And let's see what is the ingredient in it :

1. Chicken with bones
2. seasonal vegetables
3. chicken liver
4. rice
5. red palm oil (vit E)
6. garlic
7. I think eggs too.. cause i see egg shells in it!!
** above all these ingredient, it had been minced and freeze into cube form. **

Hmm... not much ingredients huh.... anyway, mom normally will add more rice for me or she will mix with boiled potatoes or carrots with this raw cube.

This is how the food look like..


Sometimes mom will mix my raw chicken with potatoes.. of course, it will soon be chopped into cube and boiled!.. :P

This is the final look of my food before it go to my tummy.. doesn't look nice huh.. but i love it.. heheh

Yay.. but do i look skinny in this picture?.. MOM!!.. i think i dun have enough food to eat.. this raw thingy is not enough for me! I want moreeee......

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First time swim at Subang Lake...

Have i ever mention to you guys that making pity face to hoomans when they are leaving the house having at least 95% chances that you will be following them out in the end?.. hehehe.. this is so cool, it works perfectly for me.. especially during weekends.. Mom n dad can never ditched me away during weekends... whenever they want to step out from the house.. they have to look at my face!.. remember DO NOT show off your teeth and smiley face when u look at them.. and and your eyes.. must be droopy... show them how boring you are...

can u see my boring face....

i want to go out!!!!!!


Whoallaaaa..... am out from that boring house...

This weekend .. we went to the lake again.. and this time around, i got to swim!!.. yeah!!..

Wee...eee....wee..... come on dad.. run run run!!!

Come on dad... we go find another good spot to swim....

paddle paddle paddle....

Me go fetch ball!!...

i got the ball!... daddy am coming!!!

Oh wow!!.. what a great day today .... hope i can do it everyday!!...