Wednesday, December 26, 2007

my bushy tail is gone!!!

See what i mean!.. when human got nothing to do.. they try to figure out something stupid to do.. my daddy just cut my bushy tail off! and my fur fur at my butt also been trimmed.. he thought he can make an art like a christmas tree out of it.. oh.. how am i going to meet my friends in the coming weeks..

he said i need to be hygienic..cause i always got my tails n butt butt dirty after poop... as i squat too low... just how am i going to meet my friends on my birthday!!!..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Wishing all my friends and family a very Merry Christmas and hope you guys enjoy every second spend with your family... have fun!...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Mom scolded me...Dad beat me up!!!!.. no one love me!!!

inside shoe cushion gone!!

shoe straps gone!!...

ok ok... i did bite those shoes.... but is my only first crime i made!!... i have been good, i never bite anything in the house.. except my own chewie toys and my towel... nothing else.. i thought i try those shoe out and i ended up.. getting scolded by mom.. and dad even beat me up for the very first time!.. he smacked me real hard at my butt butt... ouch!.. pain pain... sob* sob*

this is my face... after dad beat me!...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Great weekend....after quiet for long

Oh wow.. i got to say that i had a great weekend ever after being neglected for few weeks now..

1st- i get to go to Yen's house warming party (Yen is a lovely young lady who rescue pups n doggies from the street and find a good responsible adopter for those unfortunate pups, now she is opening a doggie home boarding service)

2nd - i got so so many pressies from Boo, Singapaw DWB's friends..(Girl Girl, BooBoo & Bond, Baby & Boy).... I will post it out with pictures in my next post..

3rd - i get to sleep with mommy in an aircond room - mom bathed me and dry me nicely.. i smelled so nice that i get to sleep with her!!..

4th - i get to go out again with mommy.. to great grandma's house... where i get to eat and play..

5th - my grandma n grandpa are coming back today from a long trip to Taiwan.. yahoo!.. am so happy.. i missed them so much.. they have been away for more than 10 days now!...

Mom bought treats for my friends.. and i get to try them out too.. is Muttz-RRR-Ella sticks....

Look like this.. cute huh.. got a bone shape in the middle.. is a cheese!

Hmm.. yum yum.. i can't take my eyes of you!... come to me..

Pressies to bring to Yen's house warming cause i know i will meet some close friends there....... i have been good.. i didn't disturb mom while she helps to wrapped those pressies for my friends... we have pressies for the humans and doggies too..

Oh... nicely wrapped with cards...

Ok... time for posing.. my daddy is bad in taking photo.. this is not the best look of me.. hmphf..
and he lazy to take more of my picture..

While am posing for picture with lazy daddy.. mom is busy making tuna sandwiches for the party.... she is not a good cook..

sandwiches almost ready...

ok, mom.. what u want me to help?... i can clean up the bread skin for u... it will be wasted if u throw it away...

oh yummy!..

Not much photo that mom took at Yen's place.. anyway.. u can see wandering around.. while Boo as usual... at daddy's lap..heheheh :P

Me mixing around with others.. oh, on the left is Prince..

And Boo's brudder.. Dopey aka MooMoo the cow.. is a bit scare on that day.. he will only stick to BenBen's mom.. and BenBen's mom was busy chatting with Amanda..Pacco's owner..

Ok.. guess that's all for now.. hope u guys had a great weekend too!..

Thursday, December 13, 2007

For u.. Girl Girl.. i know am very late

As promised Girl Girl.. mom n I managed to take ur idol pictures while we are driving.. Ur Idol are very way up high.. and it's need lots of expertise to take those pictures.. hehehe.. hope you like it..

Girl Girl.. can u see...there is a rainbow beside ur Idol... ur Idol is a bit small from here..heheh

Ok.. getting closer now...

Getting real close now....

Big one!.. hope you like this picture...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Golden Rose + Best friends award

Isn't it wonderful to receive news, gifts, awards, etc from your best friends... when i was away and not blogging.. i still have friends that are still thinking of me all the time and i am just so touched and overwhelmed with their believes in friendship and cares... and i want to THANK YOU all for not giving up on me.. and still visiting me and care for me...

Below are the awards given to me....

This beautiful golden rose are given to me from my lovely friend BLUE... she is one of my golden rose friend!... thank u...

The golden rose was given to Blue from Ms Peach, the hostess for a special Victorian Tea Party, which attended by Blue back last few weeks ago.. by saying :

"These are magic roses, and if you put your rose in water overnight, there will be six roses there in the morning for you to share with who ever you think has a PEACHY HEART OF GOLD.
My hope is that this golden rose will be on each blog in the Blogosphere!"


And then .. and then... my new friend Serena awarded me this very meaningful awards.. with a very cute symbolised on it too..

The award says: "Life is like Hell without FRIENDS. It's ‘World Best Friend Week’. Send this to your best friends to let them know you appreciate them. Please take this award, and place it on your blog if you wish.

Now i would like to award all these awards to all my friends that still visiting me and cares for me... and i love you all!... muah muah muah... Boo, please don't puke ok..


Monday, December 10, 2007

Am back... for real

Firstly, let me apologize ... sincerely apologize for MIA=Missing in action for a long period.. really sorry.. and i got to tell you guys, its been an 'adventurous' weeks for me.. and so many things been happening to me!

Oh yes.. before i go on.. with the BIG NEWS! and updates bout me.. i think i need to explain a little bit bout the meaning of 'snake' when i said my mom loves to go 'snake' when she suppose to work!

In our cultures here, we normally use 'snake' as a synonym to 'sneak out from a work'.. is not that mom loves to eat snake.. hehehe.. she don't eat snake.. she loves snakes, animals.. .. ok, hope u guys understand now the meaning behind of 'snake'

Now for the big news!.. that i promise to break it out.. with mom approval of course...

Is my mom!.. one day she told me that she was feeling sickly.. but at the same time.. she felt excited!.. that i totally don't understand... THEN, she explained that she was spotted a little life growing inside her.. and she show me this!

Can u guys see the baby?

YES!.. she is pregnant!!.... our very first baby!....

she is excited.. but how bout me!!.. immediately i knew there is a big change here!.. I will get lesser love from mom.. i will get lesser care.... and will i get lesser meal too?.. and playing times with her that we normally did? I hope nothing change...

But for Hercules.. he will be permanently staying with the foster family.. since mom can't really take care the 2 of us.. and since Hercules needs extra care for his disease and with his foster family loves him so much, they wouldn't want to let go Hercules too.. mom has made a big big decision to gave him away to the foster family... Hercules will still be coming to visit us every week.. and in fact he is staying one week with me this week!..

Anyway, mom did had many sleepless nights when she knew she is pregnant.. her only thoughts are for 2 of us.. whether she has the strength to take care both of us.. since our daddy always not at home.. and in this big house.. always left mom and both of us.. so, she really had a tough time thinking and thinking.. only to decide to give away Hercules... is not too bad though.. now Hercules has a better life than me!!.. He is being pampered like a king over there.. his new family treat him like a precious diamond .. wonder how precious he is!..hmpfh!..

But i will still love mom.. i will try not to be naughty.. and help mom ease on her house chores everyday.. i am a big boy now.. and a good good boy! Don't u think so... heheheh

Oh yes.. below are my few updates pictures... daddy has been nice to spend a weekend with me..

And Hercules is here with me.. for a week

Monday, November 26, 2007

I've been tagged!.. Let's do the tag first before the big news!

It's been long since i've been tagged for anything... its been fun being untagged actually!!..hehehe.. Anyway, i have been tagged to do the same tag from 3 friends!.. Serena, Technie Scrunchiebutt and King King.... thanks guys.. for giving me an assignment to do!..

So here are the Rules are the following :

* Link to your tagger and post these rules
* List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself.(4 for Mom, 4 for me.)
* Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them )
* Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs


Meanie Mommy:
1) Mommy loves to go 'snake' when she is suppose to be at work... she always came back home when she suppose to be at work whenever the "Boss" is not in the office.
2) Mommy dislike people who are stuck up!, showing off, and discrimination.
3) Mommy loves watching discovery channel, animal planets and national geographic.
4) Mommy loves ME!... very very much.. seriously in love with me!.. serious one!.. totally.. serious.

Me = Rossi:
1) Rossi loves mommy!.. very very much...
2) Rossi loves to bite and hold at his mouth on anything belongs to him that he can find on the floor to greet people whom he knows that came into the house.
3) Rossi don't take any delicious treats or food that being offered to him when he is outside the house.
4) Rossi loves to be massage at the shoulder, when called for massage time, he will sit in front of you.. waiting for you to massage his shoulder and head...

Ok now.. choosing my next victims to play this tag!..

I'm going to tag Boo, Ben Benjamin, Goofy, Bond, ... eerrr.. can i be good and tag only 4 instead!.. ok..i think i will be good.. and only tag 4!.. hehehe

Am still alive!...

Just a quick note.... am still alive!.. heheheh..

I will update my blog soon..... big news big news!!...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Meeting Hercules....

At last, after waiting for more than 3 weeks now.. finally i get to meet Hercules !!!..

Am so excited and mom too, she brought Hercules 4 big chew bones.. and some treats for him too.. Oh yes.. in case u guys can't identify which is me or Hercules.. Hercules is in bright cream colour.. am more on golden colour.. more handsome.. more cute...

Hercules looks really happy and he already got used to the foster family... Anyway.. for his good health and happiness, we will suit for what best for Hercules..

We shall be visiting him again next week....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Best wishes to my lovely Mona

Yesterday was my another visit to all my DWB friends... and i was shocked to read that my lovely girlfriend Mona's mommy is really sick and been admitted to hospital to go through a surgery. Due to her mommy poor health, she got no choice but to give up Toby, Jacks and Evander. I know is a sad and hard decision but we all understand this is for the better for both the mommy and the boys. Mona will still stay with the mommy which am glad at least Mona can keep mommy accompany when she is feeling better a bit.

The mommy sent me an email and have given an update of Toby, Jacks and Evander. Below are the update sent :


We got some good news yesterday. JACKS is going on a big adventure toward his new life. He is so excited and Mommy cried for happiness this time when she found out. The day before Thanksgiving, he is flying to Indiana (he even gets to be carried on the plane) with Alethia a DROH volunteer. When Shelley found out what was going on she said she would like to adopt me and Jacks if we were the ones Mommy choose to give up. Shelley is the lady that fostered both of us. Jacks still remembers Shelley and she is very happy about being able to adopt him this time. I still remember her but my place is now with the Mommy and trying to make her better. That is wonderful news for all of us.



Also, EVANDER, is staying with Ron & Deb and is going to the country for Thanksgivings...they are moving to the country next year and said if he hasn't been adopted by then he will stay with them forever...more wonderful news!! Ron even said that several families have shown an interest in my TOBY. The family would really like thank everybody for all of the prayers and things are much better for them now and the boys. THEY WILL BE BACK ONE DAY....


So, guys, please head on to Just us Texas Dachsies's blog to send your positive wiggles n wishes to them.. they really need it...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm still here...

I'm still here .... stuck in this boring house with mom n dad... grandma n grandpa still visiting me everyday.. well, i guess is not bad after all..

Sorry for not blogging for such a long time.. mom been busy and i've been busy taking care of the house.. i have been a good boy. Too bad i can't post any pictures, cause my lousy mom's camera phone not working well.. she can't seems to load the pictures.. and we do not have camera... guess this time i will make it short and no pictures obviously..

Update 1 : Hercules
Hercules been doing great nowadays.. he is gaining weight. But his next check up will be on next month only.. by then, only we will know whether he is free of heartworm thing.. and guess what? Yes, mom said i can visit Hercules this weekend. I am looking forward to see him.

Update 2 : Lucky the hammie
Lucky been quiet nowadays.. since mom bought her a house, she always hide inside the house.. i hardly see her come out from her house.. the only time we can see her is when we put food on her food tray... smart girl huh..

Update 3 : Me!
Guess what?!!... today a dog out of no where, sneak into our house when mom drive her car out from the house.. is a dalmation!... he kind of lost.. but silly mom can't catch him alone.. and am too excited to see him in the house.. and what can i do.. i only know how to bark! that's enough to distract mom.. This dalmation look very thin, and he don't wear any tag or collar.. kind of like another abandoned dog!.. too bad we don't have any pictures to show.. once we see him again, we will try to do something about it..

Ok.. guess that's all bout now.. hope you guys have a great day ahead..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I have been neglected for few weeks already... and am not too happy about it.. am determine to leave the house... please help me!!

Mom leaving me alone at home...

Even i gave her my boring and pityful look..

It still won't work... am still left at home alone.. for long long hours....

I gave her a real stern look again..

And what she gave me only a bone.. to cheer me up..

A bone!!.. she thought she can just chucked me a bone and leave me at home again..

Now u see... Mom is going to close the door and leave me at home again..

Sigh, i can't take it anymore.. i've been neglected... i need to go away

This is totally unacceptable!

Everyday i've been waiting for mom to come back so that she can bring me for walkies or play with me... but no, she go straight to her room.... what's the point of waiting for her one whole day and she got no time for me....

Is there anyone out there want me?... I need a new owner that can play with me all the time.. yes, all the time... and will never leave me at home alone! and i want to sleep in the same room with my new owner... eat together too..

If yes, please email me!..