Monday, October 29, 2007

Another great weekend... sad without Hercules

Another weekend passed without Hercules... is sad though thinking Hercules is at the foster family and me here alone at home with Lucky.. He's been doing great and he is gaining his appetite back, the family there is giving so much love and care to him ..anyhow, i still can't visit him yet cause mom do not want me to distract him and chase him around playing like mad.. cause he is not allow to run n play.. well, guess i just need to be patient for at least another 3 more weeks. He is still that attached to mom when he sees her..

Anyway.. i did have a great weekend.. where i get to go to Amber Mae's birthday party on Sunday. It was so much fun! I get to meet Max & Patches, Amber, Boo & Dopey, Shasha and many many more.... and and.. i got a package from my lovely cutie lil' Girl Girl!... she is so generous and such a great pal to send treats and toys for Lucky all the way from Singapore!!.. mom is a dummy if comes to Hamster.. anyhow, she is slowly gaining back her memories and learning on how to take care of a hamster.. Girl Girl never forget me and Hercules too.. we too got treats!... hehehehe THANKS GIRL GIRL!

Amber Mae with her cake... and i was beside her.. but am too shy that day to show my face... hehehe

This is another Amber Mae's cake .. and the cake was a gift from Max n few friends... nice huh!

Watch out for Amber Mae's blog to know more bout her birthday party!..


Above is for Lucky.. how lucky is Lucky!... how can a newbie receive so many pressies... not fair..

Is ok.. i got mine too.. hehehehe.. not sharing with Hercules.. cause he can't eat junkies at the moment.. hehehe.. is all mine!.. thank you girl girl...

Lucky got her new house from mom...

Ok... i am so not satisfy with mom now!... in fact, i dun like her.. how come lucky get to open her treat and mom is keeping my treat and won't let me eat!!.. this is so not fair!!!.... Lucky, watch out u lucky gal.. one day.. am going to eat u!.. *smack..ouch!... mom just smacked me on my head again!..


hmm.. yum yum... this is called chinese pork bao (steamed bun with stuffing).. made by my grandma... inside got minced pork, mushroom, eggs... hmmm.... i just love it.. daddy, give me .. give me some..

Ok.. my meanie mom is back into action again.. she forced me to wear that ghostly cloth again before i can eat that bao!... mean mom!!... just give me that bao!...

Another thing i wanna jot it down in this blog.. my mom always know how to blackmail me.. after treating me bad.. she will give me new toys.. i can't resist.. is just too tempting.. these 2 rings toys.. look so much fun to chew and to throw up air...

To sum it up... i did have a great weekend... and my thoughts will always goes to Hercules ... hope the days will pass real fast.. and he can fully recover..

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am a ghost!!!

I am a scary ghoooooossstttt!!... In this Halloweeeeennnnn... i will come out and haunt u all... hhmmmm....weeeeeee.......eeeeeee........

Ok ok.. dun laugh!.. i dun look scary huh.. instead i look like a clown!..i just know it!... my mom is rolling on the floor here laughing her heart out!.. oh, i just can't stand her!

Anyway.. am ready for any halloween party.. i just dun care.. am ready!!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Been long i haven't post anything on me in video.. this is me playing at the drain behind our house,.. ok ok, i pretend that the water flowing in the drain was a water stream from a nice cooling river near an outskirt area... how i wish! Anyway, u guys know how much i love water!.. Just dun laugh!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Am sweet... on halloween....

My Lady Blue has been given me this sweet treat award back last 2 weeks ago.. and i got it again from our best buddy BenBen... both of them think am sweet!... hehehehe.. am i, am i that sweet?... i think so!.. please dun puke! especially you Boo... dun ever say a word!.... hehehehe

I wanna thank them for thinking me a sweetie!.. hehehe.. thank you thank you.. for being so thoughtful..

Ok ok.. i wanna pass this to everyone.. cause i think all of you are sweet.. but i want to specially pass it to someone who hasn't got the sweet treat yet.. of course my darling Amber Mae, and River and Sparky and Spencer...

I am so ready for halloween.... mom is going to dress me today... hope she won't transform me to be like a zombie or something crazy!... oh well, nevermind.. if i dun like it .. i will just bite it off and tear them off... hahahah...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have been hit!!... and Lucky got his new cage!

Quick update on Hercules : He is doing superbly great.. start eating and wagging his tail.. and actively moving around.. since, he is not suppose to move too much. We have no choice but to cage him all the time or put leash on him.

Yes!.. Lucky got his new cage, super cool huh. .. thanks a million to Max & Peanut!!! for lending us the cage temporary... And and... mom found out that Lucky is a SHE!!.. and she is getting fatter and fatter each day.. Here goes.. we wanna show off the new cage..


Secondly.. I've been hit!!.. oh yes!.. I've been hit with the Blog Snow Ball Fight 2007 & 2008 by my buddy BenBen (hmpfh!!), my fine lady Blue and Precious darling.. wahahhahah!!!
Snow, snow,Snow !!!

~You have just been hit with a blog snow ball!~ It's the start of..... Snow Ball Fight 2007!! & 2008!! One rule to this game.... You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you! Now... go out there and get as many people as you can, before they get you! I got you first! and you can't get me back!

Na- na-nah.... - Na na nah - Nanee!
We do not stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.

Am going to catch u all!!..

anyhoo... let's me catch my beauty sleep first.. .. been raining here since last 3 days ago... none stop!!.. and is still raining outside!..

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hercules is tired but he will be fine

A quick update on Hercules.

We brought him to vet for treatment on last Saturday, he started off with a jap and a second jap after 24 hours... He is super obedient and he has been a very good boy without making a noise or whine during the treatment. Doctor has been complimented him and the treatment was going well. Anyhow, he need to be cage rest again for the next whole month.. which means he is not allow to go for walkies, play, or do anything except pee n poo.. and eat of course..

At current, he rejected his food, he is not eating for 2 days now.. hope he will eat again today, as mom will be making something special for him. He is very tired right now, all he wanted to do now is sleep and sleep... even call his name he didn't respond, mom felt real heart sick to see him that way, but i know Hercules being named as Hercules is with a good reason, cause he is strong and tough, he will go through the pain and he will get well and recover soon from the heartworm.

Everyone came to visit Hercules, and everyone gave him a love gentle pat on his head... and he knows he is being love.. and he will go through this courageously cause he is HERCULES!!

I missed Hercules, as mom separated us again, anyway, i know i shouldn't disturb him.. so, i 'll let him rest well... so he can recover soon..

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lucky... oh i feel so lucky.. lucky ... lucky .. lucky...

First of all, mom n i (or rather my mom.. not me) would like to thank you all for such a great help and support in helping us to name our newly rescued hammie and thanks to those especially to Girl Girl, Max n Amber Mae in guiding us how to built a home and the requirements for hammie..

We really felt that Lucky should be the name for this hammie.. we do not know whether this hammie is a boy or girl.... cause my dummy mommy dunno how to see it.... **roll eyes**.. .. Max will drop by to our house this coming weekend.. so hope that his missy will help us on that.. hehehe.. (make sure u come, MAX!!!)... So, yes, ... yes... We shall name this fella Lucky!!..
Oh... Lucky.. please bring luck to our home!.. our family .. and to me and Hercules too.. lucky.. lucky.. lucky!!!.... oh yes.. this hammie got a chinese name too.. hahaha.. mom called him "wong choi" in cantonese... or "wang chai" in mandarin... mom is getting crazier this day!!

After visited 4 pet shops... mom only managed to get these 3 essential items... cage, bedding, and food.. she didn't know that is hard to find hamster stuff around our area nowadays.. and they are super expensive too..

Hello.. hammie.. come out and play with me!...

Oh.. u looked so cute.... eerrrr.. yummy to me... *smack*.. ouch!.. ok ok, i know i can't eat it!

What?... what are u trying to tell me?...

Oh.. we are having a great chat here... blah..blah.. blah.. blah...

Ok.. Lucky wanna say Hi.. to all...

Lucky love to run on that running wheel.. but don't u think is too small for him?

Well... Hercules will be going for treatment tomorrow... hope our new Lucky charm will give luck to Hercules..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Abandoned Hamster

Ok.. this is getting mom pissed and she is now scratching her head why on earth do a human will ever abandon a Hamster!!...

This morning we have our normal walkies and we was surprised to see a hamster wondering around near his cage (i presumed it was his cage).. and we look inside the cage, there was another dead hamster... guess it should be his friend or his brother was inside there.. the small little hamster cage was just abandoned near the side walks under the tree... My blur blur mom was so stunned and she totally do not know what to do as she do not know how to handle a dead hamster in the cage... and she got nothing to store the other hamster that wondering around..... so, mom quickly walked me back home and she returned back to the scene with a plastic bag..

Luckily... that little hamster is still there.. mom quickly caught him and put it into the plastic bag... and now!!.. mom decided to have this little hamster at home and to care for it.. but she do not know anything about hamster eventho' she did rare hamster before but it was long long time ago...... Girl Girl, Peanut in reading.. please guide us!... i think the hamster is hungry.. we bathed him.. and then we dry him.. and we gave him some sunflower seed... and almond flask.. he walloped everything.. hahahha....

Mom will go to the pet shop to get some food and bedding for him...

This is how it was abandoned....

Can u guys see... inside there was a dead hamster.. poor hamster...

Mom caught this lil' guy and put it into the plastic bag...
I think he is scare.. cause he didn't go far from the cage...

We put him in the bowl.. and washed him... dunno whether is the correct way...

Then.. he kind of like liking it.. he comb his face and hair.. with his 2 little front legs..

We didn't take back that cage... temporary.. this lil guy will stay in the shoe box.. hahhaha

Oh yes.. now we have rescued this hamster from harm... and we have decided to have him in part of our family.... help us to think of a NAME for this lucky one!... mom totally is out of her mind now... knowing that she has to go to pet shop again.. hahahah..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We are back!...

I am feeling so much better today after spending times with Hercules and mom .. and dad during weekends and extra one day holiday (Monday) due to festive holiday for Malaysia...

But i got a sad news was that.. Hercules was away to a relative house, where he will have a time to rest before the heartworm's treatment on this coming friday. Mom been complaining that am distracting him all the time.. and always jumping on him resulting chasing each other and playing vigorously in the end..

Anyway.. Hercules been doing great and he is very much loved by the family there.. and they treat Hercules just like their son.. but i just hope that he get more rest before the treatment.. and hope he won't caught into any sickness during these days..

During the holiday.. mom took quite a fair bit of our photos.. hope u guys enjoy..

This is Hercules being pat on the head.... oh he just loves it!

Oh.. can't really stand him sometimes.. hercules with his shy shy look...

Hercules relaxing and showing his happy face....

Hercules came to visit me at grandmama's house.. immediately he snatched my toys... aarrghh...

ok... Hercules.. i dun want to be friend with u... MOM!!!.. Hercules took my toys again!...

Am back for a revenge... Arrghhh...

Aiiii yak!!!.... sumo wrestling here... hahaha.. am on top of Hercules!!!..

hahaha.. can u see Hercules head hidden below of me!.. hahahaha....
(Hercules : hei!... Rossi, move your tummy away... i can't breath!.. u stoopid head!!)

hahaha... finally, my toys still mine!!.. belongs to mine!..

ok.. ended up.. mom forced us to sit together and pose for the camera... cheeseeee.....
(Hercules on the left, and me on the right.. of course.. )

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hercules passed the viral disease to me!!!

ok ok.. it doesn't actually that serious as it sound... remember i told u guys that Hercules caught a cough n flu?.. yeah.. and he passed the sickness to me.. and now am worst than him..

I have been coughing and coughing.. flame all came out.. felt like vomiting.. and am feeling tired, sleeping whole day.. well, this is the main reason why am not blogging for 2 days... Mom brought me to vet and again... i've been forced to eat those yuckies medicine.. i hate those.. i really hate hate hate hate those!.. thanks to Hercules!!
Vet said at this current weather, the viruses had been spreading around and lots of doggies had caught them too.. Hope all of you out there, please take care.. don't go out too much.. cause u might got it from other doggies..

Went to vet and met my lovely girlfriend shasha...

But am feeling better now.. after taking those yuckies pills.. but mom separate me and Hercules.. Hercules stayed at home.. and mom sent me to grandmama's house.. i miss Hercules thought he sometimes... being a big bully in house.. destroyed my house.. disturb my beauty sleep.. blah.. blah..

Mom put cloth on me and after the medication.... i just sleep and sleep and sleep...

Back home, guess what Hercules did?

Stuck his head on the grill gate again.. this is his 3rd time getting his head stuck there..
Oh.. he just dun learn..

Oh yes.. is friday today.. and weekend tomorrow.. wishing u guys a happy weekend!..