Monday, February 18, 2008

CNY... sick...

We have a very mild celebration for Chinese New Year.. we decorated our house, and we got lots of biscuits, tit bits, sweets, mandarin oranges, etc, for guests.. but but.. ended up.. is bad, mom got sick since New Year eve till now.. and me too.. i got hot spot, and cough n flu... such a bad year to start with!

flower decor for CNY, nice or not??..

Oops, then, i got this hot spot... but kind of bite marked from me...

i felt sickly...

mom brought me to vet, and he shaved my butt!!!!... but eew!!.. disgusting huh

mom said i have been good, i have been obediently let mum wash the wound
n put cream on the wound... i dun need to wear those weird cone/satellite dish..cause
am a good boy....

ok, guys, i need to take a rest.. later

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bad daddy!!

First he gave me a ball... then he lures me into liking it... and now.. he tempted me by not allowing me even going near it!!... How cruel!!!