Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I have been hit!!... and Lucky got his new cage!

Quick update on Hercules : He is doing superbly great.. start eating and wagging his tail.. and actively moving around.. since, he is not suppose to move too much. We have no choice but to cage him all the time or put leash on him.

Yes!.. Lucky got his new cage, super cool huh. .. thanks a million to Max & Peanut!!! for lending us the cage temporary... And and... mom found out that Lucky is a SHE!!.. and she is getting fatter and fatter each day.. Here goes.. we wanna show off the new cage..


Secondly.. I've been hit!!.. oh yes!.. I've been hit with the Blog Snow Ball Fight 2007 & 2008 by my buddy BenBen (hmpfh!!), my fine lady Blue and Precious darling.. wahahhahah!!!
Snow, snow,Snow !!!

~You have just been hit with a blog snow ball!~ It's the start of..... Snow Ball Fight 2007!! & 2008!! One rule to this game.... You can NOT hit someone who has already hit you! Now... go out there and get as many people as you can, before they get you! I got you first! and you can't get me back!

Na- na-nah.... - Na na nah - Nanee!
We do not stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.

Am going to catch u all!!..

anyhoo... let's me catch my beauty sleep first.. .. been raining here since last 3 days ago... none stop!!.. and is still raining outside!..


Boo said...


the cage is sooooooo spacious! i wonder if Lucky get to run out from the err... bowl? can lucky escape? or the tunnel just link to the "treadmill"?

sweet dream rossi.

wet wet licks


MaxDex said...

Does lucky like the wheel?
Peanut only liked it to sleep...dingos!

Joe Stains said...

We are so glad Hercules feels better!

That hamster house looks SO cool, its like its own park for the hammie!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh that looks like a pawsome cool house for Lucky. Yeah another girl hammie. :) Good to hear that Hercules is doing ok.

~ Girl girl

Ben_Benjamin said...

Wah !!!

Rossi, this is not good. Lucky gal got soooooooo BIG space to play!!! Your mom love her more!!! Hiak Hiak !!

Do you want more snowball???

Hit Hit Hit !!!!

You are all wet now.

Simba said...

Now thats a cage. He really is lucky.

Simba xx

ChaCha & Yuki said...

Woah! that's one cool cage! good thing hercules is eating again:D
and rossi, i can never tire from looking at your cutie face;)


Amber-Mae said...

Wah! Soooo nice her cage. Oh, she's a girl? Well, welcome Lucky Girl! Yeah, still raining non-stop here. Hope it won't rain on Sunday or the day before. This snowball game is a lot of fun isn't it? I got hit 5 times already wor. Hope you' won't hit me too...No no no!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie & Mitch said...

I want to be a hammie! That cage looks like fun!
We're so glad to hear that Hercules is responding to his meds! yeaaaaaaaaaaa

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Charlie said...

Uh oh... if Lucky is getting bigger and bigger, maybe you'lre going to have little Luckies!? Glad Hercules is feeling better.

Now I'm going to go get this snow towelled off and then I'm going to find someone who CAN get you back! Ha ha!!
- Charlie

PreciOus said...

Hi Rossi dear!

Hooray for Hercules! Hope he will get better and speedy recovery to him! I think Lucky's new cage is pawtastic! The big wheel looks like lots of fun!


Spencer said...

Glad to hear Hercules is doing better! Hope it staops raingin for you soon...maybe you could send some over here, everything is on fire because there is no rain.


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh do you think Fat Fat Lucky may have surprise Hamster babies in store for you?

oh and that snowball, was darn cold and wet.....but thank you anyway.

I am so so happy Hercules is getting weller!

love and licks, Marvin xxxx

Frasier said...

Hi Rossi
You look so comfy in your t-shirt!!

Johann The Dog said...

What a great cage for Lucky!!! And Glad Herc is doing well. Woofs, Johann

Hammer said...

Hi Rossi
We're really happy Hercules is on the mend, and also Lucky is getting fat, and what a beautiful home she has. I'd best get my mum into gear to help me with the Snow Ball Fight, and also she has to make me a costume for the Halloween barkday pawty.
Love from Hammer

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

WOW, Lucky cage is very nice :)

Boy n Baby