Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dad gave me a soccer ball!

Sorry guys for not posting for long which i have promised to continue sharing my birthday's photo.. but but... i think i will just skip it cause we have problems with those photos..

anyway, dad gave me a soccer ball.. yes is from adidas.. and see how we play!.. i just love playing ball....

Can see dad is SUPER tired after that?... heheheh

Monday, January 21, 2008

I had a great time!!

Last weekend was a superb weekend i ever had.. not some ordinary weekend which i got my normal walkies n get to visit some doggies... but but.... i had a surprise of my life.. mom invited few of my close friends to my house to celebrate barkday's pawty for me!.. i never had so many doggies inside my house!!...with food, pressies!!.. yes yes.. i got lots of pressies on that day too..

Food n humans!.. n doggies too.. but they are hiding playing with me..hahah

this is my cake!!

Mom posing a picture with me..

that are my pressies!!..

yes... my pressies .. i wanna particularly thank to BenBen, Boo, Goofy, Max, Yen, Julie MY, Roxy (my girlfriend).., and my singapaw's friends the humans of GirlGirl, BooBoo, Jay.. and Huskee Boy..

Me posing with the pressie...

Mom is luring me with a BONE!!.. oh.. i love i love it..

Woohooo.. tennis ball!.. i love i love too..

am hanging out with my girl, Roxy... isn't she lovely....
More doggies pictures coming... to be continue.... hehehehe

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm 1 today!!

I'm officially 1 today!!!.. yes yes yes.. I am 1 year old today! and i am so grateful that mum has brought me up n take care of me till todate.. Well, nothing much i can say.. but i thought of sharing few of my old photos that mum loves bout me.. from how i sleep since young, how i love playing with bucket of water.. and the way i smile...

Ok u guys.... have a great weekend and i have to get prepare for my 1st barkday pawty!!... wooohooooo....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Weekend at park

Can't believe it mom n dad brought me to park and let me off leash!!.. we played fetch ball.. soccer!.. i am a happy DOG!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

New year... new attempt... and get stuck!!

1st Jan 2008 passed just like that!... but i think i had a great one.. eventho' i ... aa.. errr... get myself stuck on the stairs.. mayb some didn't know that i have hip problems.. mom never let me climb up the stairs since i was 2 mths old.. but since am getting a year older and my hip is getting greater.. so, she lets it my way to try to climb up the stairs.. and ended up...hmm....

oh mom, i wanna go up stairs and sit with u up there!

Ok, mom, here i go...

Errr.. mom, i think my legs are shaking!

Pose for a picture.. am ok, just enjoying the view from top!

Mom.. this is not funny!!!! (mom is laughing while taking the picture)

Last pose.. FYI, am not afraid to go down the stairs.. just posing for mom!