Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hercules came to visit...

Hercules is so nice looking now compare to last time...

After for so long.. Hercules been away to a new home with his new owner.. he came to visit me last weekend.. and i was so so excited.. Hercules too, we are so happy to have meet up again!.. we played chase.. bitey face.. and i follow him whenever he goes..

Hercules n Me!.. (sorry the photo a bit shaky cause we are moving none stop, that's why daddy can't caught us in a nice picture)

Oh yes.. i wanna show you guys something....heehee...

Yes!.. yes.. Hercules poop on my yard!.. see how concentrate he was..

Oh.. i just wish he could come to visit me more often.. anyway.. mommy promise will bring me over to visit Hercules sometimes.. and even allow me to stay with Hercules over the weekend.. can't wait for that time to come!..

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Me back!.. with my new baby brother

SORRY for disappearing for so long.. but first ..

Introducing my new baby brudder!!.. am EXCITED.. yes yes, am Excited when i see my baby brother arrive at home from hospital.. but evil mom n dad won't allow me to go near him.. they said he still very young and need to stay in the room for the 1st month..

My baby brother smiling!.. isn't he cute.. he started smiling on the 5th day after he was born on 2nd June 2008.

Hey, Shang Yi say HELLO to all my bloggy's friends... oh yes, btw, his name is Shang Yi.. surname Low.. so, Low Shang Yi..

This is me!.. and poor me, for time being, i am not allow to enter the house.. they complaining that am shedding and i got flea!.. and the house need to be clean for the baby.. but is ok cause am a good big brother, i shall wait till baby able to craw or walk to play with me..

oh yes, baby Shang Yi wanted to say BIG thank you to Boo, Dopey, BenBen n the gang, Goofy, Boo Boo & Bond, Girl Girl & Jay...for giving just a lovely pressie to him.. he loves it.. see picture below..

Also also... BIG thank you to Boy and Baby and Huskee too.. for sending him a lovely shirt & wrist band.. (sorry no picture, will try to get the picture soon)

Again... thank you all for sending lovely wishes to us.. its very thoughtful of you all and really appreciate it. Am grateful to have such a wonderful friends... LOVE U ALL!!...