Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oh no.. i can't control myself....

Aiikkk... today my mummy looking at me with her first time furious look.. not a good site to see..

Well.. you know my first day in a new environment.. new house.. new kitchen.. new living hall.. everything new... i've never been toilet trained n mummy had started to train me to go the correct place to relief myself.. but i just can't control it.. i simply pee pee and poo poo...guess that's why my mummy look at me with her evil eyes.. Eeeiii...scarry

And its been a week now and everytime i've relieved myself i will quietly look at my mummy mopping the floor n it felt fresh again..... .. Well, guess you guys dunno .. am smart and handsome.. i'll show them what i can do for them... Tomorrow i will give mummy a surprise and I will pee pee and poo poo on newspaper..

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