Sunday, April 15, 2007

First day out... to what training??

early this morning.. my mummy wake me up.. ready me with food n water..

then she picked me up put me into car, had this 25 mins drive, wait a min "what place is this?"
big garden, many humans .. and many weird four legged furry thing, they look like me.. oh my!!
so many of them.. some looks big, middle, small ... first time in my life, i met with different DOGs!!
wow!!!.. i saw this adult guy.. golden like me.. guess when i grow up, i will look like him.. he sniffed at me.. and we said hi.. he quite nice and friendly...

few mins later, mummy brought me to this group of humans n seems like this is our training place n we have this introduction, socializing each others.. well, all of them are quite nice, just that i can't stand with that thingy around my neck and something long attached to it..what you called that.. oh yes, leash!!.. oooo.. .. how i hated it.. i bite.. and i bite.. till mummy gave me a smack
:(( our trainer called himself Richard, hei.. do i need to listen to him.. he dun exist.. am too busy with this new environment.. too many greenary.. too many moving things.. oooo..just so just mesmerized.. after a while, my mummy pull me back into walking state again.. oh.. we are going home .. that's the end of the so-called-training!!.. hei, i know better that sitting!!.. wait till we have next class..

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