Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pressies from my darling Amber Mae

Pressies from Amber Mae.... yahoo!!... i got pressies ...i got pressies...

Excuse me mom!.... why u make me look at the shoe and dun let me take it??.. can i take it now??

Wonderful things happened to me when i was down and sick during the weekend... i dun know.. mayb i have done something good.. Yes! oh yes!... i got pressies from my darling Amber Mae... and i got to open a pressie's box for the very first time.. i never seen anything been wrapped and written my name on it... never.. this is my very first time and am a bit new to all this... and my meanie mommy said am stoopid!... u see the video and tell it yourself... hmph... i think she is more excited than i am...

My meanie mommy makes me sit, and luckily i dun have to do any tricks to get my pressies... i simply just grabbed it and run away... oh i love that shoe... i am enjoying it with a very slow bite.. hmm.. just taste so nice.., i smell you.. my Amber Mae darling..... the rest, my meanie mommy kept it away from me.. doesn't she know that it was Amber Mae gave me the pressie??.. what's up with her?.. sometimes am just dun understand... she said to keep it for next time.. i dun even know what is inside...... oh, Amber dear, now you see how pity i am sometimes.. come to save me...

oh.. i simply love this shoe.... i can smell Amber Mae...

See... how enjoy i am....

Guess who is this??.... of course, is me.... Rossi!... am i handsome? It's especially sketched by Amber Mae's mommy with help of Amber Mae, Faith & Chloe... (r u guys directing her where to draw darker and where to draw lighter?)

This is card is pawmade by Amber Mae!...

Actually i shouldn't post it out since the card written it just for me... but i wanna share it out.. it's something wonderful.. i think no harm for me to share it, right?

Oh.. i must have done something good... that's why good things happened to me...



Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh Rossi! What lovely presents! And we just loved the way you tried to eat the wrapping! Soooooo funny!

Amber Mae is one kind doggie isn't she?

Pleased to meet you!

Love and Scottish Licks from your friend Marvin Braveheart Hound xxxx

Boo Boo said...

hi Rossi, you are just so so so so so so gentle with the pressie :) And I see you have lots and lots and lots and lots of nice and yummy things in it :) Enjoy

Balboa & Mommy said...

I bet the wrapping paper tasted really good, but those presents were just amazing. you are soooo lucky.

Frenchie SNorts

Balboa & Mommy said...

I bet the wrapping paper tasted really good, but those presents were just amazing. you are soooo lucky.

Frenchie SNorts

Maggie said...

Your first pressie and it came from Amber! How thoughtful she is and what great gifts she sent you! I love the drawing! Will you frame it and hang it in your bedroom?

Love ya lots,

Sparky said...

Nice shoe! You must be so excited!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Rossi
You received great presents from Amber. I like to taste the paper too!
Looks like that shoe really made you happy!

Snowball said...

Hi Rossi,

Sorry for taking so long to visit you again. I did drop by your blog quite often ever since we saw Bond writing about your hip problem, in fact I visit many blogs everyday, its just that I do not leave comment most of the time. Please pardon me for that but we enjoy reading your blog.

I used to chew on the same type of shoes as the one you receive from you darling Amber. The shoe taste better than the wrapper right? Hee Hee...

PS: I have linked you to my blog too.


Charlie said...

You did a great job unwrapping Amber's present!
- Charlie

Amber-Mae said...

Oh Rossi dear, I'm glad that you loved that show. You know, I rubbed myself all over the box & envelope, heehee... Oh yeah & you're very, very lucky that you don't have to perform annoying tricks like the balancing one I always have to do before I can have the treat. Hhmmppff! That sketching my mommy has done for you is very nice(this is my 1st time seeing it) Maybe you can frame it up & hang it on your special wall beside where you sleep. Hehehe! Have a great day Rossi!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ben_Benjamin said...

Gotcha, you got your love package from my darling amber????? She even sent you a love card??

Ginger said...

So nice to have all those presents for yourself.. We want also.. woof woof!

You did a great job opening the pressie! LOL. So funny to watch u.. ure so adorable..

PreciOus said...

Lovely pressies from sweet Amber dear! Don't doubt yourself, you deserve the pressie because you are such a sweet darling to all of your friends. *Grinz*


Bella said...

What a beautiful pressie-pack you got there. It sure looks like you enjoyed that shoey-chewy.
I think Amber-Mae & Rossi are VERY special friends - maybe they'll go on a date soon??

Boo said...

oh, gift!!! from your dahling some more huh. btw, faith said she'll stick with me, your charm doesn't work on her. LOL

rossi, i don't know how to unwrap gift too. mom is the one open all my gift. sometime i wonder if it's for me or for her. :(

wet wet licks


umekotyan said...

Good evening toffee.
The sketch is especially delicious. wonderful present from amber-mae
Thank you for celebrating my birthday and.
My darling's present is shoes, and the present from amber-mae is shoes.
This is a mysterious coincidence.

from loved ume tyan

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Rossi...
What great prezzies!!! Amber must really woof you! Oh and that picture! Bootiful!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Frasypoo said...

Hi Rossi,
Those are cute shoes !Great gifts

fee said...

what lovely presents and cards, rossi. i believe you must've done something good too. :)


Momo :) said...

oh nice pressi, Rossi! It's nice to see your happy face! I can see you enjoyed the shoe!

Momo xoxo

Pacco de Mongrel said...

u seems like enjoying d rawhide show very much

izit more tasty than d smelly human shoe?

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Amber is soooo sweet, isnt she.

Boy n Baby