Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rossi and Me

I thought of updating Rossi’s blog today... no, not that Rossi is sick or anything.. He is doing just fine.. still the same old naughty and crazy little Rossi....

I remembered once a friend told me that i should buy this book called Marley and Me. She convinced me that this book is worth to read and it got the similarity with Rossi and Me!!... So, i thought hey what the heck.. since i dun read much books and i still can spare some little time for it.. so i ended up buying this book Marley and Me...

The first 3 chapters already make me agreed to what my friend said to me... the whole scenarios was so similar that scare me somehow... from how i ended up with Rossi till we brought him back..

I would like to update this blog with a piece of memory of how Rossi came to our world...

Exactly how the story tells in the book.. my hubby and I got married young .. ok, well not that young.. both 30.... Trying to build a little family with our new home... thinking that it will be a whole new thing to start foot with in our life. My hubby (Paul) and I always adore animals especially dogs. Knowing that i hunger for one, Paul actually bought this house which a perfect place to rare a dog with ample of space for him / her to run and play. And i thought that it was a great idea to bring in a pup for us to train ourselves before getting our very own child in our life. No doubt, in a month we moved in, i blindly bought Rossi home from an unknown breeder’s home. I didn’t go for a second search. I just went to the first breeder’s house and i got myself hooked!... At that time, there are only left 2 pups out of 8!.. and not much of a choice, i choose Rossi.... no questions ask.. i just paid deposit.

Back home, Paul and I are arguing on what we should name our new pup... I came out few cute names like Tiko, Viko and Brownie to name a few. But Paul never like those name cause there is this one name already set on his mind. Even when he was working, he sms me saying that he will name our new pup this name. I rejected that name, cause i told him that, that name is so sissy.. furthermore he is a HE! After many nights of arguing, obviously I lost in the battle.. since i love Valentino Rossi too ... well, why not name him Rossi!...

After weeks of anticipation .... finally, we brought back Rossi... he is such an adorable pup, but very clumsy and naughty... his tail always waggling.. hitting all the stuffs out from his tail... bang bang bang.. u will hear the sound of his tail banging at the doors.. the fridge.. the washing machine... and what make Marley and Rossi the same.. yes, they both scare of thunderstorms... but luckily Rossi is not in that phobic like Marley. Whenever he heard some loud sound, cracking sound... machine grinding sound.. thunder... he will scare the hell out of him... he will run here and there.. searching for comfort and safe zone like in our room... under the cabinet... under the table... covered himself in a cloth.. or he will run to you circling himself to your body and feet. Then, i start thinking what kind of golden retriever are you... u are such a scary cat!. Until now, he doesn’t even dare to go near the door, which bang on him before... we have to open the door wide in order for him to enter the house.. if we open the door half open .. he won’t run through it... so, this golden retriever do not know how to find way to squeeze himself in a tiny pathway.. he is a dummy.. hehehe...

And talking bout obedience class... similar again with Marley... but i always thought that it was my fault, it is always us that influence his bad behaviour because we are not stern to him... The first class.. he already dragged me like a bimbo running in the training ground... and he choking himself and grasping for more air.. not to mention, he is busy biting his leash and scratching his collar too during the class... when ask to sit... he lay down.. or he starts walking around... when ask to heel... he sit... that is the most embarrassing moment we had. The 3rd class.. he doesn’t even look at you.. He started playing with other doggies, distracting the class and at last the trainer asked us both to sit beside and only to look on how well others are doing.. At that time, i knew there is no way am going to bring him out again for training and humiliate ourselves. But at home he can do pretty well.. on simple command like heel, sit, down, stay... but no no no... when he is outside.. is a different story.

His clumsiness when climbing the stairs always ended up with a big laugh in the house.. he always get himself stuck half way where his butt is sitting on upper stair and both his front legs are on the lower stair.. he will be whining and shouting at us.. Begging us to help him down the stairs. Then again, I am thinking what kind of Golden Retriever we got ourselves at.

He turned out to be a much attached dog. He always waits anxiously for us to come back from work. My parents will doggie sit him during we are away to work.. and they claimed that Rossi always knows that we are coming back... before they even knowing we are back.. he already waiting at the door for us... waggling his tails and biting his cloth approaching us... and when we left to work or to buy groceries leaving him behind... he will felt uneasy, he will walk here and there.. poked himself on every room checking whether he will find us... and lastly he will go to the door and waited us in his sitting position. If he gets tired, he will lay down in his usual froggie style.

Even when he got his hip problems back then... knowing that he got the difficulties in getting up from his down positions.. he still have the will and spirit to get back up whenever he sees me coming towards him... he will tagged along.. wiggles his way with me. Showing me that he can jump and amuse me... eventhough i restricted him from doing so but he’s not like going to listen to me anyway.

Having all that to say.. I know the story of Rossi will just go on and on .. without ending.. every bit of him bring us joy, simplicity, companionship, and loyalty. Like what the author wrote in his book at the end of the chapter..

“ Marley taught me about living each day with unbridled exuberance and joy, about seizing the moment and following your heart. He taught me to appreciate the simple things- a walk in the woods, a fresh snowfall, a nap in a shaft of winter sunlight. And as he grew old and achy, he taught me about optimism in the face of adversity. Mostly, he taught me about friendship and selflessness and, above all else, unwavering loyalty.”

I hope I will have many many years more with Rossi and I will cherish every moment with him with all my heart and might….




umekotyan said...

The book forgets time.
And, rossi is like to the dog in the cover.
Enjoy the book and rossi. :)

from loved ume tyan

Ferndoggle said...

Awww, that got me a little choked up! Even when my guys are bad, I still remember that every day with them is a gift.

I loved that book too!


Amber-Mae said...

Awww Rossi's mom, very well said! My mommyhas that book too & she said it's very very sad. My hooman was even thinking of starting a book like that when my time comes coz she's a writer & she can. I think I'll be great...'The Solid Gold Dancer'

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Boo said...

yes, mom told me marley and me is an excellent book to read for all dog lovers! she bought the book last year, few months after getting me. she loves the book so much she keep on introducing to all my doggie friends. glad you like it.

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

We borrowed this book from Boo and it was WONDERFUL and sad too. You've got mom all teary Rossi! She says we dogs are a precious gift and to enjoy each and every day together!

Love ya lots,

Asta said...

It was wondewful to wead about you and how your pawents got sound like a most wondewfullest doggie, your sweet, and bootiful and gentle and loyal..full of love..what could be better! I never went to class, and I 'm good at home just like you and on the stweet I pay no attention cause I want to see other doggies and MOmmi finally changed my collar to a gentle leader harness, and now I don't yank her all over and don't choke myself...I love you
smoochie kisses

Randi said...

Hi Rossi!
Marley & Me is a great book..maybe you could redo the cover & call it Rossi & Me!
You are very hadsome! Have a good day!
Love & Licks,

PreciOus said...

Hi Kien,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful book. My big sista has it but sista is too lazy to read it. She'll get to it soon. God bless Rossi to grow up strong and healthy.


ToFFee said...

Hi Kien (Rossi's mum)

that sound's like a good book! I should ask mum.. she loves to read to buy it to chew.. uhh I mean to read.

that's a very good story about Rossi.. he is sure a special pup.

I'm sure he loves you loads!

I would love to see Rossi's picture stuck in the stairs or video calling for help.. sounds so funny!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Kien.
Thanks for sharing the story about how you got Rossi. I am sure he loves you as much as you love him.
I've had scary issues with Lorenza but I wouldn't change her for anything in the world.
Have a nice day
Veronica (Lorenza's mom)

Frasypoo said...

I gave mommy that for Christmas !

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Rossi, my mom said it since looooooooooong loooooooooooong time ago that she wanna get this book but untill now......the book is still at the book store. Haih, lazy mom. I think I will get it for her birthday then.


Kien, I think Rossi is a lovely pup. I have the same thinking when I 1st get my BenBen, he really make me spining around but yet I miis those "torturing" time...hahaha. Thats make them cute & special and we both love our little one.

Ben's mom

fee said...

lucky rossi! you are very, very loved!

bosco said...

aww.. so so sweet. such a joy to your humans you must be. :)

The Army of Four said...

Hi Rossi,
What a special post! Mom thought about getting that book, but thought she'd have a hard time reading through tears. :)
Thanks for stopping by our blog!
Tail wags,

Spencer said...

We are trouble sometimes but we're totally worth it, right Rossi? Cute pic of you and the book! Tail wags, Spencer.

Max Dex said...

Hie Rossi,

Such a sweet post. Miss Lady saw this in the book store and didn't manage to buy it. After this, I think she will go buy. :)

Us little doggies always bring unexpected joy and laughter to our family even though we are naughty sometimes (hey, we are dogs ma!).

You have got a long long way with Rossi. Enjoy every moment of it!

Max & hoomans.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

my owner saw tat book many times @ d local bookstore...but nv bought it, coz she like 2 read thriller, suspense...n not so much of a sentimental type..

i think 1 thing u guys r similar is definately that u mentioned u was a OB drop out owner read d preview b4...

but is alright...i'm not an ob graduate too...

Ume said...

hi Kien,
i heard a lot about this book, but i nvr tot of getting it. but your post certainly got me hooked.

Rossi is a lovely boy, n no doubt he loves u juz as much u love him.

the joy dat our furkids bring us is endless...

EC (ume's Jiejie)

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

that is our all-time favourite book!

Boy n Baby

Charlie said...

What a great story about Rossi. Thanks for sharing it!
- Charlie