Thursday, May 17, 2007


From mummy:

Oh I just hate those cats around my neighbourhood, they roam freely around your house premises...they do their business like no body business...they puke on my car poach... not to mention, they trash your rubbish can whether its not close... ooohh.... I have that sudden breeze of guts to kill them so eagerly..

I’m an animal lover, and i could not imagine myself of hating an animal species that much and deeply.. To think of it, I shouldn’t blame the cats but to blame on those owners who owned them... Believed me all these cats got an owner and they actually look nicely groom and some really cute.. and I just wonder why they are rules for dogs to obtain license from the city council and cats dun! Do you think cats will not danger to any human beings or they just plain innocent little animal. Come on...

When a cat felt threaten and in defensive manners, they will tense to create aggressiveness. This type of aggression may be recognized by the typical body postures, which accompany it: crouching, flattening of the ears against the head, hissing and spitting, piloerection (hair standing up). These are all signals to the other animal or person that further approach is likely to lead to a defensive attack. The defensively aggressive cat only attacks when approached, it does not seek out the source of the threat or pursue it if it withdraws. Children are often the victims cause they do not recognize the cat’s warning signals.. and isn’t this dangerous?... yes, children can be taught but imagine for those family never had a cat before and cats normally roam around people house.

And most owner never toilet train the cat as we do to our puppies.. Litterbox problems top the list of reasons for owners to give up their cats. Actually if the owner is to follow some simple guidelines, the problems can be easily solved. Cats normally love sand-like texture to relief their bowel. Cats also prefer to urinate and defecate in different areas like male dog .. (but our well trained female or male dog know where to do their business) Consequently, the owner should have one litterbox each for all their cats in the house and not letting them out to litter anywhere they like and it is so no hygienic and trouble to others.. One word : CARE ... the owner should care for their pets, even with litter box, frequent change of the soil in their litter box and make sure they urinate in proper way to avoid them for any resistant to the litter box..

And talk about dog bark that may affect the discomfort and noisiness in the neighbourhood... and so do cat! Guess most of us will get to hear those eerily cry in the night and worst sometimes in the middle of the night, you can’t sleep and its scare you.. guess who is that?.. baby?.. nope,.. Cat!! I really dun know what phenomenal explanation to this and believed to have various of reason why they do this, some said they calling their mate, some said the female are in heat!

Anyway, to sum it up, there are just too many cats, stray or no stray in our neighbourhood. And do you know a pair of uncontrolled breeding cats plus all their kittens and their kittens' kittens, if none are ever spayed or neutered, can add up to over 80 million in ten years! The owner can help end this tragedy by making sure their pet doesn't contribute to the surplus of cats. Please have your pet spayed or neutered!!

P/S : To those cat lover, please do not be offended to the above, its just my view and hoping the owner for those cats are more caring to their pets and to their neighbour...

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