Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday training

Fitness experts say some people are more likely to stick to their exercise plan if they work out with a partner, but that partner doesn't have to be a person...

I am the training partner to my mummy... but i guess after last Sunday training at Taman Desa training ground , am pretty sure my mummy has get all she wanted for a training.. yes, sweat!!

Guess what, we have been kicked out from the class ... muahahahaha.haha... I stupidly don’t perform. When they ask me to walk or come.. I just sit there.. when they ask me to sit... i run around... hahahhaha... really uncontrollable...mummy kept on giving me that evil look n calling me stupid, but i dun care – i just dun love training..

Mummy kept saying am fat but i think am ok. It seems like dogs are fighting the same battle of the bulge as humans. One estimate is that 40% of all pet dogs are overweight or obese. Is this means mummy will push me further for exercise and training?? Oh no!!, please see how tired I am after training..

sleep while sitting

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