Monday, September 10, 2007

PetNYou Carnival Day!

Yesterday was again another outing for all pets especially us doggies n owners.. some here to show off their agility talents in competition.. some to show off their cute faces.. and some just mixing around exploring and enjoying every bits of time in the carnival.. as for me.. as well complaint by any others including my mom n dad.. that am a noisiest of all and therefore i was kept away to mix around.. ended up playing in the lake n chilling out with my parents in shade spot..

while am busy playing water with dad.. mom has been wondering around mixing with MY FRIENDS!!.. and she actually thought that she is the star light of the day! she met Max!..she met Pacco.. she met my darling Amber Mae.. she met with Boo.. i think next time when is it my outing i will not ask her to come out with me.. and because she was away, there is no picture of me swimming off leash!.. gosh!.. why do i let her go off leash instead!.. and worst is she promised to mommy sit Ben Ben's mom and ended up both of them disappeared among the crowded doggies excitedly leaving Ben Ben's mom no where to be found.... sorry Ben, i owed u one doggie bone!

This is talented n pretty Amber Mae..

Mom n Boo!!... u see... how excited she was posing with my Friends!!
(pls send kisses, love love, prayers, healing zen to my great Boo buddy... he is sick, hope he get well soon)

Anyway.. i got to show off something in this post... is a lovely gift from my darling Amber Mae.. an army bandanna.... see how cute am i with this great bandanna... oh, i can't thank enough to my darling... she got a great taste!.. love u .. love u...

ok ok.. and this is my manly doggie look.. with this manly army bandanna!.. Amber Mae,
do i look macho to u?...

Lastly, despite all the chaos and mistake done from my meanie mom, she still have the guts to ask me to put her picture with me posing..
Later, i think am going to paint away my mom off the picture..

oh.. yes... i am escaped from the snipping of my *ahem*.. hahahahaa... yahoooo....hehehehee...
will tell u guys later in my next post... hahahahahah.. am so so happy.... mom is defeated!...


Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh Rossi, you are soooooooooooooo handsome!!! GOsh, Amber Mae sure got good taste in choosing a bandana for you.

No woories Rossi, I know my mom very well. Shes kinda hard to control...but I didnt know your mom did the same thing. It must be very hard for you to mommy both of them.

But the lady is regret now for not taking pic with you & your mom.


P/s: Im waiting for your "fixed" escape plan la !!!

Boo said...

wow, poser rossi huh? you post very nicely in the bandana pics.

i actually hope no dogs got infected by me. even tho i didn't sniff any dogs and not letting any dogs to sniff me...

bcoz of my sickness, i think dop-eye gonna be away from me for a while. how great news is that?

btw, thanks for the good wishes. you are DA DOG!

wet wet licks


Blue said...

Looks as if a good fun day was had by all. Just read about Pacco's high jump.

You do look handsome in the military bandanna. They do say every girl loves a guy in uniform!

Off to check out sick Boo now.

Pats & pets

Pacco de Mongrel said...

wat! u escape snipping?? i hope ur mum change her mind *ahem*

ur army bandana looks onwer got an whole army set of tshirt n pants...but no bandana...

Amber said...

Hey Rossi, ohh, you were playing at the lake? I should have join you Haha. You look gweat with your army bandana. Such a handsome boy. Now, I know why Amber-mae uh-hum you. Remember to wear the army bandana in all the events, so I can recongize you.Hehe

Amber-Mae said...

Oh Rossi honey, you look sooooooo HAWT in that bandanna! I knew I chose the right one. My dumb mommy actually wanted to choose a pink one but I stopped her by biting her hand. Imagine you wear pink? LOL! Hmmm infact, I wonder what you'd look like in pink? Heeheehee... Just kidding!

Man, my mommy couldn't stop laughing when she saw that picture of me with that dumb balloon hat. Hmmppff! I still don't find it funny! Hope you had a great time yesterday but you went home early ha?

You are lucky that you're not going to get snipped today. I wonder what changed her mine coz if I was your owner, I's certainly wanna snip you FAST! Kekekeke...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Deefor said...

Very macho in the bandana. Have you escaped snipping for good?


Maggie & Mitch said...

You are one handsome boy in your camoflage bandana! It's very striking on you, Rossi!

Love ya lots,

ToFFee said...

that is soo cool! meeting our doggie pals again!

you look great and handsome in your bandana.

did you get to find out where your mom went?

will wait for that escape part... hehe


Ferndoggle said...

What a super fun day! You're like me Rossi...I have to be kept away from big crowds because they make me really nervous. But at least you got to swim in the lake!

And oh look so handsome in that bandana! Amber is one lucky girl!!


liucas said...

rossi u so handsome! can teach me how to be so handsome so tht i can show off also?

Momo :) said...

Hello Mr. Handsome!! This is my dream!! Meeting with many DWB friends at the park. Amber-Mae with ballone hat is very cute. ;)

Momo xoxo

pee ess: My pawrents and I are hoping to receive the card you kindly sent to me this week. It has to arrive here this week!! :)

fee said...

hi rossi, are you going to paint her into a rabbit or squirrel so we can all chase after her? that would be fun!


ChaCha & Yuki said...

oh you look handsome in that bandanna:D hahahh must be a good (quiet) boy next time so mummy will bring you along to see ur pals


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

That sounds like so much fun. It must be so nice to meet so many of your friends.

Boy n Baby

Stanley said...

Rossi Boy!

I love your camo bandana! Your Amber has good taste, obviously.

Your mama is so funny ~ hanging out with all your friends while you stay with dad at the pond. Looks like a fun day anyway!

Congrats on keeping your jewels!! Yea, no surgery!

Goober love,