Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend : Roller Coaster!!

Well.. why i mention roller coaster?.... is it been a roller coaster ride for all of us during weekend.. including mom!.. is a synonymous for sudden happiness - agony - sad...

First, mom brought us for spa!!.. yes... another agony of waiting and letting those stoopid hand touches your whole body.. some holding scissors.. some spray water on you.. and some blow dry you with those giant air hose... but this time around, it was ok .. cause i have Hercules to accompany me.. so, it wasn't as bad as last time..

This is me!..

And this is Hercules.. getting ready to go home..

Of course, when we get home, both of us was so pooped out.. and we just dropped to deep sleep... the next day.. daddy woke up early to bring both us to walk...

Eerrrrr... actually it doesn't look good as showed in the picture.. we entangled the
leash around dad as we both moved around the opposite side and circulating dad legs.. heheheh
But it was fun!.. eventho' is a short walkies..

Then... later in the afternoon, mom bought Hercules for check up since we decided to adopt him.. mom wanted to get him vaccinated so that she can apply the dog license for Hercules.. and look who they met at the vet! Yes, is ShaSha and her owners... and can you see ShaSha, she has been thinking that she is a Hercules instead.. she tried to pull Hercules to walk around.. hahahah...

Ok.. the sad part is now..... hmm...i dunno what to say... mom told me that Hercules was tested positive for Heartworm disease

I dunno what it is but i know is fatal.. that's why mom gave me this big pellet every month called Heartgard for prevention of this disease since i was only 3 months old.. guess, Hercules previous owner never take care of him.. and never do any prevention ended up Hercules has to suffer..

Mom did look at the test and saw the baby worm in his blood through microscope... that really makes mom's heart nearly crack into 2 pieces.. i know mom was very sad the moment she came back... and now, she will need to make appointment again with the vet for Hercules to do treatment.. it will be at least 2-3 days treatment where Hercules need to admit himself in vet hospital and stay there for 3 days.. But lucky part is we found this infection still at an early stage and mom really hope that it can easily cure...

He is still very young.. how can a young pup like him can get this kind of diseases?... mom is very furious with the previous owner for not giving any prevention to Hercules earlier on.. and worst part is... he been abandoned!...

Hercules getting more and more attached to mom.....

Am ok today for not putting most of my pictures in this post... Hope Hercules will feel better now..


Ruby Bleu said...

Oh poor Hercules...I will think good thoughts for him and cross my paws that he will get better soon.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Asta said...

You both look so vewy bootiful aftew the spa!
I will pway that the Vetses can coowe Hewcules completely..since it was caught eawly I'm suwe they can!
Tell youw Mom not to be sad ,she is the best thing thawt happened to Hercules..and you'we a wondewful Bruddew..give him a hug fwom me and wish him well
smoochie kisses to all of you

MONA, JACKS & TOBY TOO !! said...

Dearest Rossi,

I know you are upset about Hercules being sick but he is a strong little man and he will be OK. My brother Toby had really bad heartworms & he almost died. At least Hercules's heartworms were caught early. Toby had his heartworm treatment when he first came into DROH and everybody thought he was fine so the Mommy brought him home to foster. 6 months after the Mommy started fostering him it got worse and the worms went into his lungs. Toby had to go back to the vet hospital and had oxygen therapy for 6 weeks but the Mommy went everyday to sit with him. Then when he was better the Mommy couldn't give him up and he became by big brother. You have seen his picture and you know how big and strong he is.

As long as you are there to help him stay calm when he gets home it will be fine. The Mommy can talk to your Mommy if she needs to talk about it.

Love always........your Mona.

Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh my dog!! heartworm disease?? i hope hercules can be treated....

MaxDex said...

Hercules is reaally beautiful. I hope Hercules will be OK. He WILL. I think he is really strong. There must be a reason why Hercules ended up with you and Mom. You are both suppose to save him!! :)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh no.. I hope the vet can help Hercules get better. I'm keeping my paws crossed for him. ShaSha looks really cute trying to bring Hercules for a walkie.

~ Girl girl

Deefor said...

Isn't it fun tangling the leashes. I like to wait till my owner mom has a bag of poop in her hand and two other dogs are walking by. Then I tie her up.

Hope Hercules gets better quick. He looks like a nice brother.


Goofy said...

poor Hercules.... pls take good care... tell him, i'm wishing him well over here... keep paw crossed here...

Boo said...

omdog, i guess either hercules has been wandering around the street or the previous owner ignore him on medical assistant that he has heartworm disease. yucky yuck yuck. luckily your mom took him to the vet fast or else... oops! touch wood!

yeah, my lil dopey is very attached to me and mom too. but not so much on dad tho. hiak hiak hiak.

wet wet licks


Amber said...

Hey Rossi, sorry to hear that Hercules has heartworm disease. Lucky your mom brought him to the vet. I'm keeping my paws cross, hope the treatment will cure him.

Take care,

River said...

Oh Rossi we are so very very sorry to hear about poor Hercules. We hope the vet is right and cos they caught it early he'll be alright. We are sending all our positive thoughts to you all.


PreciOus said...

Hi Rossi, ask your sweet mom not to worry too much. *Hugs* I'm sure Hercules will get well if the treatment starts soon. =)


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Awww poor Hercules I hope he gets better quickly. Congratulations on your new sibling. Its great isn't it having someone to play with.... I love it.


Maggie & Mitch said...

Thank goodness Hercules has you so that your family can help him through his heartworm disease! Poor Herc! His previous owner was sure a meany!
Our leashes get tangled up when we walk too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

River said...

Hey Rossi - we have something for you check out my blog.


Amber-Mae said...

Feel very sad for Hercules but I do hope he will get better soon. With all the love & care you & your hoomans shower him, I know he will get better very fast. How old do you think he is? To me, he's already more than 1 or maybe 2 years old coz all his adult hair has already grown out. Sending him some Golden love!

Love licks,
Solid Go0ld Dancer

Snowball said...

Hi Rossi,

I am sure Hercules will be fine. We will be praying for him.


ChaCha & Yuki said...

O_O this is really bad news. hope the treatment will go well. get better hercules!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Rossi
Sure you got bad news from the Vet, but I am sure Hercules will be fine with his treatment! And of course with the love of your Mom, Dad and yourself!
I will have my paws crossed for him! Please let us know how it goes, ok?
Please, tell your mom not to be sad. Herc will recover soon!
Have a nice day

Frasier said...

Poor Hercules....atleast its treatable and he will be okay.
Kisses to your mommy

Sparky said...

Oh no! Poor Hercules... I really hope he'll be okay. It makes me mad at his previous owner! I'm so glad you guys are takin' good care of him!


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

This is really Bad news. We hope Hercules will recover soon. Please send him our kisses and nose licks.

Boy n Baby

Bond said...

Hey Rossi ! I am sure Hercules is just gonna be fine !!!

Lucky thing your mum found out about it early! I am sure with the vet and your mum around, and ESPECIALLY YOU, Hercules is just gonna be fine !!!

dont worry ok? I will keep my paws cross for Hercules :)

dom dom said...

Hi Rossi,

Sad to hear such a news. Daddy has been sending me to the vet every month to be dewormed. Hopefully the pill that I took is Heartgard.

Ferndoggle said...

Oh No! Those heartworms are BAD news. Hercules is such a lucky pup that you found him & that you're going to get him treated. In a couple of months, it would have so much worse!

Good luck Herc.


Gizmo & Rascal said...

Luckily it was detected early and he is able to still go for the treatment. Heartworm treatment can be really harsh. Rascal kor-kor had seen dogs going thru that treament before in the US. But just pray hard and we'll hope for the best for him.

No worries ok Rossi.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

Hiya Rossi

Really sorry to hear about Hercules and the heartworm. But we have read about a few dogs on here now that found they had it, and have got better.

So we'll cross our paws and be thinking of you all.


The Brat Pack said...

Oh nooooo. :( I'm so so sad to hear this. I just had heartworm treatment this Spring because nobody took care of me before. Hang in there Pal and if you have any questions or want to talk email me.


Lacy said...

woofies hercules!!! me hopeies u get well soon..

b safe,

Faya said...

Oh no... I hope we can have some good news soon... Kisses, Faya

Charlie said...

Take good care of your brother now & be extra nice to him, Rossi!

We adopted a golden once that turned out to have heartworms, and the worst part of the treatment was having to keep her really quiet for weeks after the treatment. And she was not a quiet-type golden!

We'll keep our paws crossed for Hercules!

Balboa & Mommy said...

Oh no, Hercules is in our thoughts and prayers. We are happy he is in a home that loves and cares about him, and wants to protect and heal him.

balboa and mommy

Suki & Joey said...


Don't worry, Rossi. Lots of pups make it through heartworm ok, it's just going to be tough, that's all. He'll be really tired and sick and probably in a lot of pain for a while, but then he'll be OK and ready to play again! :)

Puggy kisses
Suki & Joey

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh Rossi, please give healing licks to pooor sweet Hercules!

We had never heard of Heartworm and just hope Hercules can overcome this problem.

I do not blame your Mum for being mad at his previous owners.

He has had a bad start in life.....our thoughts are with you all.

love and healing licks, your friend, Marvin xxxxxx

Kisses to sweet Hercules from Jeannie xxxxxxx Get Better Soon sweet one! ;0)

Helios said...

Get well soon Hercules! You're a strong boy like your name!

Helios said...

Get well soon Hercules! You're a strong boy like your name!

Johann The Dog said...

Heartworm, yikes!!! We really hope he gets better with the treatment, hang in there - it really works if it's caught early. We's prayin' for ya! Woofs, Johann

Sugar said...

Thank goodness Hercules came to your mum, otherwise his treatment would have been delayed.

May Hercules have a speedy recovery.


Bella said...

Hercules sure looks happy with your mummy.
I wish him all the best in his treatement and recovery from heartworm.
It must have been a sad shock for you whole family to learn this.