Wednesday, September 5, 2007

They going to take away my dignity!!

I dun want to look at u, mum!!!

I hate my meanie mum!!!.... i hate her!... she took me to vet today... and i heard mom talking to the vet bout castration!.. AAhhhhhhh..... have i heard wrongly... CASTRATE!... what is this????... then mom made appointment with the vet on next Monday bout sending me back to the vet for some operation!... so, is this means that i will be neutered??.. Oh NOOOOOooooooo!!!.. some one out there that please be kind enough.....please help me... i dun want to be a eunuch!... i dun want!!!.....

Stoopid vet!... do u think u can take away what belongs to me!!

Please help me to protest!!... Let mum know that she shouldn't treat me this way... I am a manly dog!... i have my dignity... this is the matter of my future... and there are so many pretty doggies waiting for me out there... Oh no.... please don't take away my eggs!!...

Go away mom... go away... leave me alone!

I strike not to eat today!!!... Strike ... Strike..... Strike... Hunger...

(mom speaking here: There is nothing that Rossi can do now.. the appointment to have the castration operation has been made on next Monday (10/09/07) at 9.30am... hopefully the operation will go smoothly..... anyway, he did strike not to take his food today!... he hasn't touch his food since this morning.. the vet has checked on him.. his blood test is good.. he got no fever.... he is healthy.. but he just don't eat...)


Boo said...

oops! rossi, when i read that you did your blood test and everything i thought that's the procedure to check before going in for the operations.... i told mom and she was like "wat? why didn't your vet check you on that..." until i saw it was bcoz you loss your appetite. don't be a drama king rossi!

btw, yes, that little rascal been whining whole nite. he wants to be out of the playpen all the time which is impossible coz he is start teething. been trying to chew the mag on the coffee table... i'm keeping my watchful eyes on him.

wet wet licks


Max Dex said...

Hey Rossi!

Dr E is very good. He did the op on me too and it's very very clean. This sunday I show you. Whahaha. You can't see the marks also.

Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Rossi, thats not a big deal. I act like you when my mom sent me to the op....but still Im MAN enough, MAN enough to do what a MAN use to do *wink*. So no you can see Boo still got lotsa hat babe out there eventhough he *ahem*...

BUT, BUT you cant protest for nothing EATING !!!!! Not with FOOD!!! You should finish up all the food at home !!!

Get well soon my dear.

Amber-Mae said...

Oh oh... Bye bye eggies! Well, honestly I can't help you much with this. It won't be that bad. The operation only takes an hour or so & you can go back on the same day. Wearing the satellite dish ofcourse...hehehehe! But you'll heal fast, no worries. You just have to be strong Rossi! Then maybe after a few months, you will STOP humping me for once & for all! Heehee...Best of luck to you dear!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Goofy said...

Rossi, Don't worry, That's a small operation and I've done that too.. Nothing much difference after the operation, except sleeping in my standing position on the 1st day back from the vet!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh no poor Rossi... Maybe I can come drive you away in my pink car so you can escape the opawration

~ Girl girl

Stanley said...

Rossi Boy!

I know it sounds totally WRONG, but it sounds like it's almost a done deal. All I can say from my experience is that I still love the girlies like before, I just can't make puppies (and it's easier for my girl to groom my bits).

Eat, buddy! You gotta keep up your strength!!

Goober love,

Blue said...

Come along darling golden boy, you must eat & keep your strenghth up.
You'll still be a prince even after the snip!

Extra pats & pets

PreciOus said...

Rossi dear, why aren't you eating? Please please do eat, you can't go against food. Don't worry a thing, you'll still be our handsome and manly Rossi after that. =)


Maggie & Mitch said...

My dignity went bye-bye when I was 6 months old! No big deal, honest! Pray that you don't have to wear that stupid lampshade! I was lucky enough to avoid it!

Love ya lots,

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

I was neutered at 5 months and Pebbles was done last Monday. She was fine as was I. Its just the thought ... it sounds so final.

Scrappy and Pebbles

Hammer said...

Hi Rossi

I wish your mum would not take your testicles away from you. My mum didn't take mine away from me .. this happened before I came to my mum. Hobson still has his testicles. My mum doesn't believe in any surgery unless there is a very good reason. Hobson loves mum much more than any girl dog in the world. Just because us dogs have testicles doesn't mean we are going to be a problem. The problem is always with the hoomans. I hope your mum changes her mind. The bad hoomans who are 'bloody idiots' who shouldn't own dogs in the first place make it bad for the rest of us.

Love from Hammer

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

No worries. You will still manly and we are sure Amber will still love you.

Boy n Baby

ilovepearly said...

Awww... that sounds scary...
Hope everything will be fine!

Asta said...

I dpn't have a jet ow a cw, but I do have my pwetend vespa..I'll come if you want me to wescue you, but pleez Rossi you HAVE to eat! know I've been "fixed"and can't have babies didn't huwt,and I think I'm still pwetty..I have plenty of boyfwiends..don't be sad ..I'll be thinking of you
smoochie kisses

Randi said...

Good Golly Rossi! I'm so sorry your are going to lose your bits...I think you paw is signed on the dotted line...I think what is best to do is BARGAIN with your mom....she can have you bits taken off it you get 10 new toys everyday for the rest of forever. Or how about selling them on ebay & donating the money? I know that is gross..but you can find lots of stuff on ebay...maybe even new bits! OR they have artificial bits you can put in place of the ones taken away...You'll always be handsome & manly Rossi in all our eyes! NOW EAT! That's just SILLY!
Love & Licks,

Deefor said...

Hi Rossi!
I saw your message on my blog! I am not that good at all this net stuff.

At least you know. I thought I was going for a ride and then-- BANG- they knock me out. Surprise! Surprise! I can still remember them.


Frasypoo said...

Hi Rossi
Think of it as the best thing to happen !There wont be any puppies laying claim to your name as daddy!!
the ladies will still love you Rossi!

Amber said...

Oh dear, Rossi. Your operation is on Monday? Are you ready for it? I had two operations. Good Luck!!! Hope you cheer up and eat a-bit. If don't eat, where can one right?

Take care

Ferndoggle said...

They're gonna steal your jewels??? They stole mine a long time ago & I didn't eat for months & months. Ok, that's a lie...but I held out for a few hours.

Hang in there bud, you'll be better off for it in the long run.


Sparky said...

Oh no! Not you too! I hope everything goes smoothly... and I think you should eat something, like squash peals! They're really yummy! Hehe. =D


Johann The Dog said...

Oh, don't worry, it's really not a big deal! I was back in action by the next day!

Thanks for stopping by and the great Gotcha Day wishes, we had fun!

-woof Johann

Lorenza said...

Hi, Rossi
Don't worry. After the operation you will be as manly as you are now!
And you need to eat!
Have a good night

Balboa & Mommy said...

OH NO, but is sounds like the vet knows what he's doing. Plus after its over, you'll get spoiled and loved even more.

FRenchie SNorts

Pacco de Mongrel said...

don't worry../...after ur balls r taken away, u still can hump female juz dat u doesn't need a condom to make it safe