Tuesday, June 5, 2007

am back... actually.. my mummy back!!

At last after 3 days... of agony and waiting .. at last, my mummy back from her trip to Singapore.
Those 3 days really was my most boring and sluggish ness i've ever experienced. My dad wasn't like mum, he dun mop the floor... and he only feed me twice a day and today he forgot to add water to my bowl!! (that's really makes mummy angry,..daddy deny it when mummy scolded him, heeheeehee).. but mummy different, she makes sure i have a comfortable place to sleep.. bring me out to poopoo.. shower me.. importantly.. she feed me 3 times a days!!... ooohhh.... i am so hungry n in thirst.. luckily mummy came back yesterday!! Yahoo!!...

But the moment mummy step into the house.. she hug me first.. then... oopss...she screamed on top of her lung... i poo poo on the floor... and i vee vee twice on another side of the floor in the living room... i just can't help it.. daddy never bring me out for poo poo... and he didn't clean the place that am suppose to vee vee... so what am i suppose to do.. so, guess i just pick a place to vee n poo.. Am pity mummy.. after a tiring trip, she mops n clean the house for more than 2 hours... n yet, she spend time playing with me till 12midnight.. awww....am just glad mummy back home.. tomorrow mummy said she will let me play water n bath me.. double yahoo again!!... ok.. time to sleeppp....ZZzzzzzz

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Amber-Mae said...

Oh, glad your mama's back too... Now more time for you!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer