Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rossi aka Pig.. (not my idea)

Ok .. this is totally not my idea but my mummy force me to do it.. cause i been lazy nowadays and i hardly exercise after a nice day out last week and of course having my 3 meals a day.. my work is just been eat, sleep n shit.. hahahah..

And this is me.. my mummy edited my photo and transformed me to roast pig!!.. How cruel and mean she is... and she been calling me name!.. she call me LAZY PIG!... and everyone in the family start calling me Lazy Pig, Piggy,... but i dun care.. i will continue doing my favourite hobby that is sleep!!...


Lorenza said...

Hi, Rossi
Your post has made my mom laugh a lot (I think its because she thinks the same about me!). My mom calls me "Cochi" that means piggy! And just like you... I don't care!
I love to sleep too!
Have a good night

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh my goodness, I told ya. Hooman are so ridiculous....they are too much. Haih....Rossi oh Rossi, forgie them. They just dont know anything...

By the way, I have a friend call Rooney...hes also a handsome GR like you.

PreciOus said...

Geez, your mummy is mean. Hee. Don't worry, pig or no pig, you are still very cute.


Boo said...

hahahaha! rossi, that's one cool ROAT ROSSI! i call it frog style. i see amber-mae do it all the time.

wet wet licks


ToFFee said...

hehehe! that's a good picture.

I shouldn't laugh because my pawrents think I'm fat too!

hmph! they don't let us out for exercise and them teases us being fat!

meanie meanie!!!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh no! Your hooman is soooo mean! What a humiliation!!! But it's kinda funny actually *giggles* You do like a roast oink oink to me! I hope they won't ACTUALLY roast you like one of those roasted piggies... kekeke!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie said...

I can't decide if it's mean or if it's funny! I'm just glad you're not really being cooked/roasted!

Love ya lots,

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Rossi, Mate,

You were a cute little guy & a cute big 'un too! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you'll come back & sign my guest book!

xxx Asta down under

Ferndoggle said...

We call that Frog Dog at my house...but Sherman is the one that lays like that the most & he is a little pig. Looks like someone will be getting a new nickname (heheehehheheeee).


Frasypoo said...

Hi Rossi,
I have a case of the piggyness too!!
If anyone comes towards you with a hungry for your life!!

Toby said...

Hahah, that was funny! But I agree with Maggie, thank dogness your not on the bbq!!


PiratesGrrl said...

You're WAY too cute to be a pig!!!

The Brat Pack

Charlie said...

How rude! My friend Gabbie can do froglegs like that, but I can't When it's hot, being stretched out on the cool floor is great!!
- Charlie

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey Rossi,

Welcome to - it is great to meet you and I am sure you will make LOTS of new friends here :)


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

No way you look like a pig. You are way too cute!

Boy n Baby