Sunday, June 24, 2007

List of things to do....

Mummy n I had start writing things to do and not to do.. in order to improve and maintain my healthy hips.. Ok, to start it off.. below are the few things we have started doing it since last 3 days ago.... and of course still more to come...


This is actually very cruel.. mummy put a ‘gate’ to prevent me from going up the stairs.. you see what I mean?


Oh .. ugly.. here me coming for the testing..

This project is not complete yet.. as it involved more than 1000 sq ft to cover it, so, it takes time.. we are in the midst of testing this non slip mat.. and see how we can extend it to the floor nicely..

Oh not to forget.. please spare me some space for me to sleep.. I love cooling marble floor as my bed!!..


Outside outside… ok, we have our Playing session n exercise outside at car porch where the floor is not as slippery as inside the house..

Ball fetching… see how can I ran?? and see how my ears fly?.. if mummy doesn’t limit me.. I think I can fly…

And this is me again.. after playing, tired...

And I thought of updating this blog with my relieving place .. of course, where I pee n poo.. this is a little garden created by mummy (actually for her own use to create a greenery environment to the house but been obviously conquer by me!!...hahaha)


Maggie said...

You're off on the right foot Rossi! Gotta take care of those hips, right!
Your yard is so pretty!

Love ya lots,

Amber-Mae said...

Ahhhh good good! My house used to be bootiful last time before my hoomans destroyed it by putting mats outside in the porch & non-slippery sticker pads on the stairs. Oooh, oogy! oogy! Our whole porch used to look as nice as yours now but then when my hip prob started, my WHOLE porch has been padded up with these red & black rubber mats(totally don't match!) I think all together there are 100 over mats & all together cost around RM1000++. Not cheap I tell ya... Well, it wasn't my choice to put those mats, it was theirs so up to them lah!

But errrr... you house is very lovely so as the area you're living in. Where is that place anyway?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Sunshade said...

Your mommy is so quick acting Rossi, she LOVES you SOOO much, such a gooooood mommy! Your yard with the little patch of grass is so cute, and you know to just go on grass right??

Hey hmm... I saw that picture of you lying like a froggie with your back legs all splayed out... usually, dogs with bad hips can't do that you know, cause it hurts them. Cause I remember once, when STINKY did that in front of my Aunty Janice (Sunshade's mum: her vet), the first thing she said was "well there's no hip problems there!"

I'm just hoping for the best for you Rossi!!!

Oh, and can you please e-mail me your address at:


Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Sunshade said...

Forgot to say, your mommy has WAY BETTER taste than my mum. She covered our cherry wood floors with those colourful connect-a-mat mats LOL. Doesn't look good at all, but it does work tho!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Golden said...

Hi Maggie.. thanks! for the comment n compliments.. My yard is actually super small.. but i just love to pee n poop there.. hahahaa..

ROSSI said...

Hi Amber.. you are so right.. when i first came to this house.. it looks so nice n smell nice too.. but everything seems to change now because of me..:(( Anyway, mummy said health come first..

Oh yeah... that day i accompanied mum to DIY shop to buy those mats.. wow!..they r super expensive!!.. 1 meter cost RM40.. imagine how much we are paying to extend on a floor measure of 1000 sq ft..

We are staying at USJ, Subang Jaya at 2-storey intermediate-corner house... the environment of the neigbourhood is great but the only downside is CATS!!.. oh, i just chased one away this morning..wulf wulf wulf..

Love love..
Golden Rossi

ROSSI said...

Hi Sunshade..

mummy had sent you an email.. please read them yaa...

oh.. i just 'paddle' off 1 piece of those non slip mat.. they r spoiled now.. i love to dry swim on the floor, so i thought of doing it on this mat.. and ended up got nag by mum.. so, mummy think those connect-a-mat that you have there is more tougher for a 'man' like me..hehehe..

love love
Golden Rossi

ROSSI said...

Hi Maggie..

The previous comment to your reply is actually from me.. hahaa..accidently sign in wrongly.. sorry ya!!..

love love
Golden Rossi

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Ypur mom really loves you. You are so lucky.

Boy n Baby