Friday, June 8, 2007

Normal Routine...

Have you ever wonder.. what a dog's life is for those indoor pampered doggie house based like me.. yes right! PRISE (Play, Relieve, Intake, Sleep, Exercise) .... Its been like a routine in everyday life... wake up morning.. Intake - eat, ... then relieve... then play... after that.. sleep... then exercise or training time!.. I would say, more than 90% of doggie like me will enjoy this kind of privilege..
One said... " A healthy doggie routine should be established so the dog is comfortable when the owner isn't there." But what is the point when the owner isn't there to let their doggie out to relieve themselves .. and person to play with or a routine walk? I would say... If the owner is dedicated to the pet and establishes a routine that is both suitable for the owner and the pet, a pet can live well in an apartment or a house..

I will be doggie-sit by my granmama n papa during the day when mummy at work... and they live in an apartment... i can say, it is great staying there with them, as i will get my routine to go to pee n poo.. as well as my walk n play.. I was just wandering what everyones else routines were with their dogs.. So, what is your day like?

sigh... hei.. can't you see am
doing my business...

my poo poo.. hehehehe

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Amber-Mae said...

Hehehe, that's what I do every morning too & night... But you sure have a big garden. We don't we only have a porch & my hoomans do not like it if we poo poo in the porch coz ya know... Hehe! They bring us for walkies every morning & night. In between we eat & sleep.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer